jintai30Flotation Equipment, Flotation Equipment supplier, F

jintai30Flotation Equipment,   Flotation Equipment supplier,   F

jintai30Flotation Equipment,   Flotation Equipment supplier,   Flotation Equipment price

jintai30Zhengzhou Jintai Mining Machinery Limited is  specialized in manufacturing mineral processing machinery and providing mineral processing technology for concentration plants. Our company is known for producing Ball Mill, Grate Ball Mill, Crusher, Classifier, dryer, mixer,Magnetic Separator, CTB series of Magnetic Separator, Flotation Machine, SF Flotation Machine, XJ Flotation Machine, Centrifugal Separator,2PG-Double Roller Crusher and so on.If you have any need, please contact us, we will provide you our best service .

jintai30Flotation machine consists of two flotation cells, impeller, belt pulley, inlet pipe, strobe, covering plate, standpipe, draw bar, etc.

flotation machine Working principle 
when ore slurry is delivered to the center of covering plate by feeding pipe, centrifugal force produced by rotating impeller will fling it out. At the same time, negative pressure will be formed between the impeller and the covering plate, and thus outside air will be sucked in through inlet pipe. Ore slurry and air will be fully mixed by the intense stirring action of the impeller and air flow will be broken into lots of bubbles.
Flotation machine is applicable to separate nonferrous metal ores, ferrous metal ores and nonmetallic ores through different types of operation--roughing, cleaning, scavenging and inverting.
Flotation machine has large absorption capacity, low energy consumption and light abrasion; it is also convenient for auto control.
Classification of flotation machine
XJ-type flotation machine, SF-type flotation machine, JJF-type flotation machine and mechanical agitation flotation machine.


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