jintai30Magnetic seperator,Magnetic seperator supplier,Magnetic

jintai30Magnetic seperator,Magnetic seperator supplier,Magnetic

jintai30Magnetic seperator,Magnetic seperator supplier,Magnetic seperator price

jintai30Zhengzhou Jintai Mining Machinery Limited is  specialized in manufacturing mineral processing machinery and providing mineral processing technology for concentration plants. Our company is known for producing Ball Mill, Grate Ball Mill, Crusher, Classifier, dryer, mixer,Magnetic Separator, CTB series of Magnetic Separator, Flotation Machine, SF Flotation Machine, XJ Flotation Machine, Centrifugal Separator,2PG-Double Roller Crusher and so on.If you have any need, please contact us, we will provide you our best service .

jintai30Wet magnetic separator structure:
Cylinder, magnetic system, a tank, and the magnetic guide, support, water pipe, to the mineral tank, discharge mine water, floor, magnetic declination adjustment device, stent

Wet magnetic separator work principle:
Wet magnetic separator is based on a variety of different minerals than the susceptibility, the use of magnetic force for mineral separation. When the pulp into the sorting area, due to a variety of different minerals than the susceptibility in the magnetic field under the influence of strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder, the cylinder rotation to the fine ore with the mouth, from the magnetic system by the fine after ore concentrate into the box under the wash; gangue and weak magnetic magnetic minerals can not be attracted to the body in the tank slurry flow under the influence of gravity into the reverse direction of rotation cylinder mine tailings discharge pipe.

Wet magnetic separator Application: Wet Drum Separator for magnetic fine-grained ferromagnetic minerals wet separation or removal from the non-magnetic minerals in the mixed strong magnetic minerals, as well as heavy media recycled media in the processing plant.

Zhengzhou Jintai Mining Machinery Limited is specialized in manufacturing Magnetic-agglomeration gravity separator , such as dry magnetic separation equipment ,various types of wet magnetic separator , drum magnetic separator , wet drum magnetic separator  , magnetic separator design ,magnetic separator supplier ?wet high intensity magnetic separator , permanent magnetic separator ,provide separator price , inline magnetic separator , cross belt magnetic separator, magnetic separator conveyor,magnetic separation method.Reasonable prices, excellent service, if you need ,please contact to us .

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